Bamboo for eczema.

Bamboo for eczema.


 I never would have imagined, after having my fourth child, that we would come to battle with severe eczema. I never fully understood what this condition was until we were living through this nightmare. My daughter Ella has constantly struggled with severe dermatitis since she was a baby. We have made countless trips to the Drs office and dermatologist appointments . We tried numerous things that were being recommended to try and reduce the effects it was having on her tired body. All of the lotions, body creams, hydrocortisone creams/ointments, soaps, no soap, prescription medications. While one thing would seem to be working, it didn’t work anymore.


After lots of research, I had discovered bamboo sleepers. Ella was four months old at this time. I thought I was being absolutely absurd with spending that kind of money on clothing that would only fit for a short time. I figured would only fit for a month. I was wrong. I felt like we had hit the jackpot. The difference was night and day. I noticed when she would wear cotton during the day her skin would become agitated and back to being inflamed with eczema. That’s when I knew, bamboo is the absolute best answer.


We- Christina, Marah, Dana and Alexis. We connected in a June 2022 due date group. Where we were all admins of the group and became really close and learned we all equally loved bamboo for the same reasons! Within 10 months or so of interacting, talking and getting to know each other we decided WHY NOT!? Let’s start our own bamboo business. The rest is history!


Hera, our name was created from the first initials of our June 2022 babies. Henry, Emilia “Millie”, Rayyan and the beautiful Adela.

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