Meet the brand

Who are we?

How we got our start

Hera was started by four moms who met on a due date group for our babies. In fact, the first letters of their names form the name "hera". Each of us love how bamboo feels on our babies skin, but we were getting frustrated with the lack of day wear options available. That's when we had the wild idea to start our own bamboo company. 


Our mission as a brand


We want to create comfortable and minimalistic clothes for each member of your family. We also want to do this as sustainably as possible. 

To create bamboo clothing, factories use a complex chemical process to make the bamboo fibers soft. To help counteract this impact on the environment, we will be using fully compostable mailers during our shipping process. These mailers will break down without harsh chemicals being released.


All of our products are produced in a factory that is Oeko-Tex Certified.

This is important because it means that our clothing does not have any harmful substances. You can be assured that you are putting the very best on your loved ones. 


We understand that parents can have a hard time sourcing clothing items that are unique and also fit the needs of your family. This is why we carefully choose designs that are minimal and gender neutral. All of our products are created to suit a variety of climates and interests.

We develop clothing that makes you feel good about what you're putting on your family.

Giving Back

We are dedicated to giving back to our communities and organizations. Every order will have a portion of the profits donated to a non-profit organization or charity of our choosing. This organization will change every 6 months or so. For up to date information about who we're currently donating to, check out our Facebook page.

List of current or past organizations:

  • Parent To Parent

Connect with us!

One of the biggest reasons we created this brand is to share our ideas with the world, but we can only do that if we're properly serving our community. This is why we started an exclusive Facebook page for customers who want an inside scoop to things that are coming. It's also a place where you can interact with us and voice your opinion on items. If you're interested in joining, search Hera VIP.