Small Steps Towards A Brighter Future

Small Steps Towards A Brighter Future

I first dived into the importance of sustainability during an Environmental Science class during my Junior year of high school. It drastically changed my views about how the world works and how vital it is that each one of us needs to shape how we approach sustainability in order to protect our future. When I went off to college, one of the first things I did was hop on a bus to attend a climate change march in NYC. I ended up missing my first Chemistry test and failing the class, but the cause felt more important at the time.

 It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by people in all walks of life who were there for the same cause. Over 300,000 people attended this march, from babies to the elderly. We were all there to show our leaders that we want lasting change. We wanted solid policy reforms to limit the amount of greenhouse gasses produced by large corporations. Unfortunately, our chants and songs did little to persuade world leaders, but I left the march with a sense of hope that things would change in the future. 

Over the years, that hope has been tested, but never completely diminished. My passion for the environment has touched every single part of my life, including Hera. Every day, we are making choices that will help limit our contribution to the climate crisis. When we pictured our brand, we wanted to build sustainability into a pillar that holds up our company. We want to be consistently working towards ways we can limit our impact on the environment. 

Right off the bat, we chose to use compostable bags to ship our products in. It made more sense than using the typical poly mailer that many other brands use, even if it does cost a bit more. We are also making the switch to thicker product bags with a ziplock on the top. While we acknowledge that it is still producing waste in the end, we hope customers will reuse the bags in a BST setting or just around their home. This is an improvement to the thin plastic bags that are meant to be thrown in the trash right away. 

We’re also doing giveaways and challenges for the entire month of April 2023, over in our exclusive Facebook group! We’re discussing simple sustainability actions that will make a difference in your lives and the environment, along with connecting to other businesses that are taking steps towards sustainability. To join, follow this link: we hope to see you there!
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